Chrome not working after Zorin 8 install?

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I installed Zorin 8 along side Windows 7 Ultimate. As was the case with Ubuntu 13.10, the grub had to be reinstalled to get proper boot menu options after the dual boot installation of Zorin 8. I used "boot-repair" as suggested on the internet. Then, after reboot, I got the proper GRUB boot options menu and selected to boot Zorin 8. I am currently using the "live" version of Zorin 8 and Chrome to type this post, so Chrome works seemingly good in this Zorin 8 mode, but when I boot into Zorin 8 using the hard drive installed Zorin 8, Chrome will not load or work when clicked on. Also the Zorin Web Browser Manager will not load or work either in my hard drive installed version of Zorin 8. Any suggestions?

Any help will be apprecited.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. 

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Thank you. 
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